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Video WISE María José San Román WISE
WISE Seminar | María José San Román [In Spanish] María José San Román, chef and owner of Monastrell restaurant, which has been...
Video WISE Pilar Allué WISE
WISE Seminar | Pilar Allué [In Spanish] The comisaria principal Maria Pilar Allué, General Deputy Director of Human Resources...
Video CNIO workshop on philosophy and biomedical sciences Events
CNIO Workshop on Philosophy & Biomedical Sciences: Debates on conceptual and social issues On November 19, 2019, scientists Maria Blasco, Lluis Montoliú, Alfonso Valencia and Henrik Vogt...
Video SOMMa gender equality event WISE
1st Gender Equality Event of the SOMMa Research Centers of Excellence On October 29, 2019, the 1st Gender Equality Event of the SOMMa Research Centers of...
Video WISE Susana Malcorra WISE
WISE Seminar | Susana Malcorra Susana Malcorra, who was Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina and Chief of Staff of the UN...
Video World Cancer Research Day 2019 Events
‘New horizons in cancer research: from bench to bedside’ (full conference) [In Spanish] On Tuesday, September 24, the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) celebrated...
video species longevity 08.07.2019 CNIO researchers find the key to longevity in species Discovery of a new general pattern in biology: Comparison of telomeres of goats, dolphins, gulls,... Risk factors in cancer Outreach to Society
CNIO & The City: Risk factors in cancer [Subtitles available in English] Throughout history, humanity has been ravaged by crimes without...
Debate Victor Frankenstein 2019 Outreach to Society
Debate ‘Modern science rescues Victor Frankenstein. Mary Shelley as a lover of science’ [In Spanish] On April 26, 2019, for Books’ Night, CNIO and “la Caixa” celebrated...