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Video workshop philosophy, science, medicine Outreach to Society
II Workshop on Philosophy, Science and Medicine: socio-environmental factors of health and disease Do we really understand cancer in terms of the molecular processes underlying it? Do we know how a...
Video WISE Pepa Bueno WISE
WISE Seminar | Pepa Bueno [In Spanish] The journalist and broadcaster Pepa Bueno, has given a conference on ‘Journalism...
Video WISE Marieta Jiménez WISE
WISE Seminar | Marieta Jiménez [In Spanish] The European President of Merck Healthcare, Marieta Jiménez, gave a talk by Zoom about...
Video MIDKINE Marisol Soengas Basic Research
How melanoma ‘deceives’ the immune system, increasing resistance to immunotherapy A CNIO research team has found how melanoma ‘deceives’ the immune system, increasing...
Video WISE Ana de Miguel WISE
WISE Seminar | Ana de Miguel [In Spanish] Online talk of Ana de Miguel, tenured professor of Moral and Political Philosophy at...
Video DMIC 2020 Events
‘A new era of cancer research: Towards the engagement of the entire society’ (full conference) [In Spanish] The need to increase spending on cancer research and to speed up the transfer of basic...
Video WISE José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero WISE
WISE Seminar | José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero [In Spanish] Former President of the Spanish Government, Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, gave an...
Video 2020 CNIO Friends Day CNIO Friends
2020 CNIO Friends Day [In Spanish] On July 2, the CNIO Friends Day took place. Due to the current situation, this year it...
Video WISE Inés Cobo WISE
WISE Seminar | Inés Cobo [In Spanish] Inés Cobo, the curator of contemporary art collections of the Friends of the Prado...