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Discoveries and breakthroughs achieved by the CNIO’s research groups have resulted in new applications of proven benefit in the prevention and treatment of cancer and other diseases. Among recent advances, one can point to three new groups of kinase inhibitors with oncological applications. Another group of substances may help in the treatment of obesity, steatosis and ageing. CNIO research results have already led to the creation of three spin-off companies, while an innovative approach to cancer therapy developed by our in-house teams has been green lighted to proceed to the clinical trial stage.

Protection of intellectual property rights plays an important role in increasing public awareness of these and other medical milestones. Currently, the CNIO holds patents in some thirty categories, roughly 20% of which are being exploited at the present time. We also partner with the pharmaceutical industry in programmes that bring a substantial financial return to the Centre (22 million euros since 2012) at the same time that they enrich our innovation-driven institutional culture.


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