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One of the strategic pillars of the CNIO is to contribute to the training and career development of scientists who choose the CNIO as their workplace at any step of their professional careers, from PhD students to postdocs, technical staff or Group Leaders.

In this sense, the CNIO is proud to have delivered to society a considerable number of scientists of excellence who have pursued their careers in other institutions, mostly involved in activities related with science, either at the public or private sectors.

The CNIO Alumni programme is aimed to develop a network involving all those scientists in a longstanding relationship, engaging the people who have undertaken any part of their scientific activity at CNIO, generating a community sharing scientific interests and values.

Being part of CNIO Alumni will give you access to timely information about the activities of the centre, including the latest scientific advances as well about the events (conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.) organized by the CNIO.

If you want to be part of this community, please register here:

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