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Women account for half the world’s population, but in percentage terms their contribution to scientific progress has been considerably less substantial. That imbalance constitutes a clear drawback for society as a whole. CNIO’s Women in Science Office (WISE) was created in 2012 with the aim of achieving and consolidating gender equality in the sciences, while heightening everyone’s awareness of the fundamental issues involved. At the same time, it helps to remedy disparities of this sort in the research activities carried out in the CNIO community.

A significant part of our activity involves organizing lectures or panel discussions that give an idea of the consequences of inequalities and gender bias in different fields. In addition to the distinguished scientists who have agreed to take part, we have arranged for the participation of outstanding figures from the world of sport and business, as well philosophers, journalists, filmmakers and politicians. Some of these presentations are available on our You Tube channel

We also organize professional development workshops that focus on related issues such as leadership skills and time management. Above all, we would be glad to have your input, to hear your ideas, suggestions and offers to volunteer…
Gender equality is everyone’s business!

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