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Imagen de un hígado con cirrosis Basic Research
Journal of Hepatology. CNIO researchers identify a mechanism that causes liver cirrhosis Liver cirrhosis is a deadly disease that is still poorly understood, in large part due to the lack...
Manuel Valiente. Scientific News
US-based The Mark Foundation funds an ambitious project led by Manuel Valiente to cure brain metastases It is estimated that around a quarter of cancer patients are at risk of developing brain metastases,...
Basic Research
Nucleic Acids Research. CNIO researchers shed light on the maturation of spliceosome, a cellular process involved in certain types of cancer DNA contains the instructions for life, which need to be read in order to build proteins, which are...
Células humanas con el ADN dañado Basic Research
Cell Reports. Scientists from CNIO and Massachusetts General Hospital develop tools to visualise DNA repair as never before Each one of the trillions of cells that make up the human body suffers more than 10,000 DNA lesions...
SolipPark-Figure-V1 Basic Research
Nature Communications. One mutation or two? Researchers in Spain discover why some genes require one or two hits to promote cancer The language in which the genome’s book of life is written is still being deciphered, which is...
El hematólogo Joaquín Martínez Translational
Journal of Hematology & Oncology. The CNIO and the Haematology Department of the Hospital 12 de Octubre identify a new factor that may have a positive impact on the survival of patients with multiple myeloma An international study led by the Haematology and Haemotherapy Department of the Hospital...
Structure of the LAT2/CD98hc protein Basic Research
PNAS. Spanish scientists determine the mode of action of essential proteins involved in cancer and Alzheimer´s disease The proteins that belong to the HAT family are essential for life as they transport amino acids...
CNIO researchers Héctor Peinado and Susana García Silva at the entrance of CNIO. Translational
Nature Cancer. CNIO researchers discover a new mechanism involved in early melanoma metastasis “We must not only look inside the tumour but also outside of it,” says Héctor Peinado, a...
Oncologist Joaquín Martínez (center in the first row) with his team from the H12O-CNIO Haematological Malignancies Clinical Research Unit and the Confocal Microscopy Unit led by Diego Megías (first left in the second row), which has also collaborated in the project. /Laura M. Lombardy. CNIO Translational
Blood Cancer Journal. Researchers at CNIO and 12 de Octubre Hospital prove efficacy of new immunotherapy for multiple myeloma CAR-T cell immunotherapy is a huge step forward in the treatment of blood cancer. However, it can...