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Mechanism discovered that helps viruses like monkeypox to block and evade our cellular defence system Basic Research
Nature Communications. Mechanism discovered that helps viruses like monkeypox to block and evade our cellular defence system A defence mechanism that human cells possess against viruses such as monkeypox, herpes simplex and...
Basic Research
Elisabete Weiderpass: “There are many substances for which we have clear evidence that they are carcinogenic, but they are still on the market. It is a political decision, not a scientific one” Elisabete Weiderpass heads up the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), whose reports...
Basic Research
Genome Biology. Genetic variant found that predisposes people to slimness, carried by 60% of Europeans How much do genes influence our body weight? For the general population this influence is estimated...
Basic Research
Clinical Cancer Research. Molecular basis of resistance to one of the main treatments for multiple myeloma identified Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that affects plasma cells, the blood cells involved in the...
Basic Research
Science Advances. The exceptional case of a person who has survived twelve tumours opens up new avenues for early diagnosis and immunotherapy in cancer, say CNIO researchers The life of the person featured in the study published today in the journal Science Advances has...
Cancer treatments may include dietary strategies such as intermittent fasting Researchers are increasingly finding that diet plays an important role in cancer development and are...
Basic Research
Cancers. A study by the CNIO Familial Cancer Unit helps identify a new candidate gene for breast cancer predisposition Hereditary and environmental factors are involved in breast cancer. Of the hereditary factors, nine...
Basic Research
Treatment of pulmonary fibrosis should focus on the telomeres of the cells that regenerate the lungs, according to a new study by CNIO researchers Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis could become the first degenerative disease to be treated through the...
More than 250 people conduct experiments at CNIO’s “Festival of Science” held during European Researchers’ Night 2022 The first group of “scientists for a day” have already carried out their experiment. Excited and...