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Temozolomide gliomas Basic Research
Nature Communications. A research team of the CNIO and the HKUST identifies how some gliomas develop chemoresistance A team led by Massimo Squatrito, Head of the Seve Ballesteros Foundation Brain Tumour Group at the...
Brain metastasis Basic Research
Cancer Research. The CNIO creates a collaborative platform to streamline brain metastasis research Science is collaborative by nature, since scientific knowledge only advances, step by step, through...
Mouse embryoid body Translational
The EMBO Journal. A quick and simple technology to improve the effectiveness of stem cells in regenerative medicine developed Stem cells have been holding great promise for regenerative medicine for years. In the last decade,...
Pancreatic cancer and diabetes Translational
Gut. Diabetes type 3c is confirmed as an early manifestation of pancreatic cancer As biomedical sciences incorporate increasingly sophisticated methodologies and technologies, our...
mTOR activity in mice liver samples Basic Research
Nature Communications. The CNIO finds that rapamycin has harmful effects when telomeres are short In the past few decades, it was discovered that the rate at which we age is strongly influenced by...
Pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells, CNIO Translational
Cancer Cell. A new strategy to prevent the most aggressive tumours from generating resistance to chemotherapy One of the most frequent problems when treating cancer is that the tumours develop resistance to...
TOP II activity Basic Research
Nature Communications. CNIO and Cabimer researchers show that DNA topological problems may cause lymphoma Researchers from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), Madrid, and the Andalusian...
Mesothelioma CNIO Basic Research
Cancer Research. Two drugs used in combination prove to be effective against most aggressive asbestos cancer in mice Exposure to asbestos is the major risk factor for malignant mesothelioma, a type of aggressive...
Mice mammary tissue FASN, CNIO Basic Research
Nature Communications. A molecular strategy that helps prevent tumour formation in mice described The body’s process for manufacturing fatty acids is regulated by the enzyme FASN. In normal...