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A new cell model will help find treatments for one of the most common forms of childhood leukaemia B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (B-ALL) is one of the most common forms of childhood cancer....
2. Portada de la revista Cancer Cell. Ilustración: Células de metástasis (masa roja) colonizan el cerebro y emiten señales (gotas blancas cayendo) que afectan a la actividad de las neuronas (grandes células rosas). Como consecuencia, los microcircuitos cerebrales y los patrones de oscilación cerebral (corriente en blanco traslúcido). Crédito: Scienseed. Scientific News
Cancer Cell. Pioneering study finds that brain tumours ‘hack’ the communication between neurons Nearly half of all patients with brain metastasis experience cognitive impairment. Until now, it was...
Scientific News
New technique allows more accurate cancer imaging and monitoring of treatment effectiveness Cancer begins and develops in the realm of genes and proteins. It is a world inscrutable to the...
Scientific News
Clinical Cancer Research. A potential therapy to delay the progression of some sarcomas and tumours of the rare disease neurofibromatosis has been found Neurofibromatosis causes tumours to form on the nerves mainly in the skin all over the body, brain...
Basic Research
Researchers discover a molecule that helps pancreas cell mature and limits tumour formation The pancreas, located behind the stomach, manages the energy supply in our body. It does so by...
Scientific News
Cell Reports Medicine. An already approved drug could help eliminate resistance to the most effective treatment against metastatic breast cancer Brest cancer is the most common cancer in women. Among breast tumors that spread to other organs...
Infografía proyecto IMPaCT_VUSCan. /underbau. CNIO Translational
The biggest ever Spanish project to identify cancer risk genes kicks off Currently, only some of those who are at higher risk than normal can know their predisposition to...
Scientific News
Nucleic Acids Research. A programme that looks for the most effective drugs for each patient’s cancer helps to personalise cancer treatments ‘Precision’ medicine seeks to adapt treatments to the characteristics of each patient. Genome...
eClinicalMedicine. The use of genomic sequencing panels to personalise cancer treatment is beneficial in only 5% of the patients in whom they are currently used In recent years, the use of genomic sequencing panels in cancer treatment has become widespread....