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Outreach to Society
The urgent need to avoid a sixth mass extinction inspires ‘End (two prologues)’, Dora García’s film for CNIO Arte 2024 Climate catastrophe, human memory and the female voice are intertwined in END (two prologues), the...
Las investigadoras del CNIO Neibla Priego, del Grupo de Metástasis Cerebral, e Isabel Espejo, del Grupo de Telómeros y Telomerasa, intervendrán en un 'directo' en el Instagram del CNIO para dar a conocer su trabajo a las y los jóvenes Outreach to Society
International Day of Women and Girls in Science. CNIO goes ‘live’ on Instagram to talk about science with teenagers (and everyone else) Save the date! On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11F), the...
Erica Sloan: “Stress can increase cancer spread” Erica Sloan recently visited the CNIO (Spanish National Cancer Research Center) as a speaker at the...
Lab Day 2023. Lab Day 2023. CNIO’s youngest researchers develop their “huge potential” Almost 30% of CNIO staff are PhD students: 140 young people who are starting out in their scientific...
Participantes en la V jornada Filosofía y Ciencia. Desde la izda: Antonio Diéguez, Anna Traveset, Maria A. Blasco, José María Rey Benayas, Cristian Moyano, Laura Menatti, Arantza Etxebarria y Alicia Puleo. / Laura M. Lombardía. CNIO. Outreach to Society
V Philosophy and Science Seminar. Halting the sixth mass extinction of species requires an economy that respects nature, warn philosophers and ecologists The annual conference on philosophy and science held at CNIO with the support of Fundación Banco...
De izquierda a derecha: Maria A. Blasco, directora del CNIO; Marina Pollán, directora del CNE-ISCIII; Elisabete Weiderpass, directora de la IARC; Cristina Villanueva, periodista, presentadora del evento; y César López-Palop, presidente de la Fundación Domingo Martínez./ Laura M. Lombardía. CNIO Outreach to Society
Global experts in epidemiology warn that rising inequality multiplies cancer incidence “Cancer is now the leading cause of death in 57 countries, including Spain and the whole of...
Outreach to Society
Open Day for ‘Friends of CNIO’, a thriving programme that has paid for more than thirty employment contracts for young researchers in recent years “Investing in science is investing in health,” said researcher Bárbara Hernando, who is...
Members of the multi-stakeholder platform Pancreatic Cancer Europe in the meeting held at CNIO. /Antonio M. Tabernero. CNIO Events
Experts in pancreatic cancer in Europe set the roadmap for research into this “forgotten tumor” The incidence of pancreatic cancer is increasing, without any clear reason why. ” It is...
Genome biology enters the third dimension in search of new treatments If the human genome is ‘the book of life’, its pages are folded into a complex origami figure....