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IE grants Innovation
Fundación Banco Santander and IE University support CNIO researchers in transforming their findings into business opportunities Fundación Banco Santander is giving support to six scientists from the Spanish National Cancer...
CRISPR and fusion genes Basic Research
Nature Communications. CNIO scientists succeed in reprogramming the CRISPR system in mice to eliminate tumour cells without affecting healthy cells The CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing tool is one of the most promising approaches to advancing treatments of...
Mouse embryoid body Translational
The EMBO Journal. A quick and simple technology to improve the effectiveness of stem cells in regenerative medicine developed Stem cells have been holding great promise for regenerative medicine for years. In the last decade,...
Qualify phi29 Innovation
CNIO and CSIC receive funding from ISCIII to study early detection of SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic capacity is one of the limiting factors in the control of the Covid-19 pandemic that is...
CNIO building Innovation
Potential drugs originated at CNIO to be developed by AUM Biosciences in Asia A group of multi-target anti-tumour compounds, the IBL-300 series, discovered at the Spanish...
Telomeres in mouse embryonic fibroblasts Translational
EMBO Molecular Medicine. CNIO researchers find effective drug combinations for glioblastoma in mice Usually, scientists study the molecular biology of cancer to find new treatments, but sometimes, it...
Intestinal stem cells with URI, CNIO Basic Research
Science. CNIO researchers discover a new way to protect against high-dose radiation damage Radiotherapy, a common treatment for cancer, is one of the most effective ways to destroy cancer...
Mouse lymph node Translational
Journal of Experimental Medicine. CNIO researchers assess melanoma progression with a new liquid biopsy technique When the surgeon surgically removes a melanoma, some patients are said to be ‘cancer-free’ and...
CNIO building Basic Research
Cancer Cell. CNIO researchers succeed at removing some types of pancreatic cancer in animal models Researchers from the Experimental Oncology Group, led by Mariano Barbacid at the Spanish National...