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De izquierda a derecha: Maria A. Blasco, directora del CNIO; Marina Pollán, directora del CNE-ISCIII; Elisabete Weiderpass, directora de la IARC; Cristina Villanueva, periodista, presentadora del evento; y César López-Palop, presidente de la Fundación Domingo Martínez./ Laura M. Lombardía. CNIO Outreach to Society
Global experts in epidemiology warn that rising inequality multiplies cancer incidence “Cancer is now the leading cause of death in 57 countries, including Spain and the whole of...
Outreach to Society
Why cancer cases are on the rise and how to reverse this trend: CNIO highlights prevention in its World Cancer Research Day event On the occasion of World Cancer Research Day, the Spanish National Centre of Cancer Research (CNIO)...
María Casanova ha recibido una de las 23 Starting Grants otorgadas a investigadores e investigadoras de instituciones españolas./ Laura M. Lombardía. CNIO 06.09.2023 CNIO will study how to improve cancer treatments according to time of day, in a project funded with 1.5 million euros by the European Research Council One way to increase effectiveness in cancer therapies may be to simply change the time at which they... 2. Portada de la revista Cancer Cell. Ilustración: Células de metástasis (masa roja) colonizan el cerebro y emiten señales (gotas blancas cayendo) que afectan a la actividad de las neuronas (grandes células rosas). Como consecuencia, los microcircuitos cerebrales y los patrones de oscilación cerebral (corriente en blanco traslúcido). Crédito: Scienseed. Scientific News
Cancer Cell. Pioneering study finds that brain tumours ‘hack’ the communication between neurons Nearly half of all patients with brain metastasis experience cognitive impairment. Until now, it was...
Scientific News
New technique allows more accurate cancer imaging and monitoring of treatment effectiveness Cancer begins and develops in the realm of genes and proteins. It is a world inscrutable to the...
Outreach to Society
Artist Dora García and macroecologist David Nogués-Bravo join talents in a CNIO Arte 2024 dedicated to the impact of climate change in the Arctic The seventh edition of CNIO Arte brings together artist Dora García, winner of the National Visual...
08.08.2023 The body’s most valuable legacy. CNIO Biobank preserves biological samples to transform today’s cancer into tomorrow’s therapies “Behind every sample that patients donate to us there is a lot of hope; in return we must give... Scientific News
Clinical Cancer Research. A potential therapy to delay the progression of some sarcomas and tumours of the rare disease neurofibromatosis has been found Neurofibromatosis causes tumours to form on the nerves mainly in the skin all over the body, brain...
Outreach to Society
New call for young researchers’ contracts launched by ‘CNIO Friends’ philanthropic initiative CNIO Friends philanthropic initiative will allow eight young researchers from all over the world to...