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I Maria Blasco Award to David Peris in Oslo Outreach to Society
David Peris, winner of the 1st Maria Blasco Award for the best scientific article of the year published by a Spanish researcher in Norway David Peris Navarro, senior researcher in Genetics and Evolutionary Biology at the University of...
Outreach to Society
Dora García’s documentary ‘END: (two prologues)’ commemorates International Earth Day at the Thyssen Museum Today, the Thyssen Museum commemorates International Earth Day with a four-hour continuous screening...
Fluorescence microscopy visualization of melanoma cells. Basic Research
Cancer Communications. Combination of fasting and chemotherapy may improve cancer response, with different effects according to sex In recent years several research groups have found evidence, in animal models, that controlled...
María Martínez Molledo, first author of the study, an Óscar Llorca, senior coauthor. She is a researcher and he is the leader at the CNIO's Macromolecular Complexes in DNA Damage Response Group. Credit: Esther Sánchez / CNIO. Scientific News
Nature Communications. Neuronal ‘gateway’ for essential molecules in learning and memory observed at the atomic level Learning from an experience, remembering an anecdote, changing an attitude… all our behaviours...
Outreach to Society
Maria A. Blasco, CNIO Director, winner of Abogados de Atocha Award At a press conference this morning, the awarding of the Abogados de Atocha Prize to Maria A. Blasco...
Acumulación de “proteínas basura”: Células normales (izquierda) y células sometidas al efecto de la proteína tóxica rica en arginina (derecha). En esta se incrementan las proteínas ribosomales (verde fluorescente) y el tamaño de los nucléolos (rojo). Crédito: CNIO. Scientific News
Molecular Cell. Accumulation of ‘junk proteins’ identified as one cause of aging and possible source of ALS Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a degenerative disease. The neurons responsible for movement...
From the left: Sonia Martínez, Joaquín Pastor y Carmen Blanco, researchers of the Experimental Therapies program at CNIO, with Roke Oruezabal, from CNIO’s Innovation program. / E. Sánchez. CNIO Translational
First ‘CNIO Investors Day’ to help bridge the gap between cancer research and patient treatment A dozen venture capital firms, as well as funding and consulting firms, have listened carefully to...
Alejo Efeyan, head of the Metabolism and Cell Signalling Group in his lab at CNIO Basic Research
Nature Communications. Discontinuous food intake activates a ‘GPS gene’ in liver cells, thus completing the development of the liver after birth In mammals, the liver detects the body’s energy demand at any given moment and mobilizes...
CNIO Stand at Madrid es Ciencia 2023 Outreach to Society
But… how exactly do we research cancer? Find out with the CNIO at the ‘Madrid es Ciencia’ fair More than 500 highly specialized people work at the Spanish National Cancer Research Center, the...