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Mouse lymph node Innovation
Journal of Experimental Medicine. CNIO researchers assess melanoma progression with a new liquid biopsy technique When the surgeon surgically removes a melanoma, some patients are said to be ‘cancer-free’ and...
Video WISE Ruth Vera WISE
WISE Seminar | Ruth Vera [In Spanish] The President of the SEOM, Ruth Vera, visited the CNIO on April 9, 2019 to give a talk...
CNIO building Basic Research
Cancer Cell. CNIO researchers succeed at removing some types of pancreatic cancer in animal models Researchers from the Experimental Oncology Group, led by Mariano Barbacid at the Spanish National...
Núria Malats 29.03.2019 CNIO and Columbia University co-lead a multidisciplinary project to study pancreatic cancer early detection The Pancreatic Cancer Collective (PCC), a joint initiative by Lustgarten Foundation and Stand Up to... DLST protein Innovation
The American Journal of Human Genetics. CNIO researchers identify a new gene involved in the development of a rare endocrine tumour Paragangliomas and phaeochromocytomas are very rare neuroendocrine tumours: there are only 3-8 cases...
FAK activates cell migration Basic Research
PNAS. An international study co-led by CNIO identifies a ‘sensor’ that activates cell migration The cytoskeleton is a structure that not only helps cells maintain their shape and internal...
Video WISE Luz Casal WISE
WISE Seminar | Luz Casal [In Spanish] The singer and composer Luz Casal visited the CNIO on March 5, 2019, for the...
CNIO Friend Newsletter CNIO Friends
CNIO Friends Newsletter 25 CNIO Friends Newsletter 25 is already here!
CNIO Arte - 2019 20.02.2019 CNIO Arte shows quantum physics with the eyes of an artist A dimly lit table and billiard balls connected by metal sticks, forming a static, stable,...