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CNIO building Innovation
Potential drugs originated at CNIO to be developed by AUM Biosciences in Asia A group of multi-target anti-tumour compounds, the IBL-300 series, discovered at the Spanish...
DAB haploids Basic Research
Cell Reports. CNIO researchers find a method to select for mammalian cells with half the number of chromosomes Since the emergence of molecular genetics more than fifty years ago, scientists have tried to...
Maria Blasco and Kurt Whittemore, CNIO Basic Research
PNAS. CNIO researchers discover that the rate of telomere shortening predicts species lifespan A flamingo lives 40 years and a human being lives 90 years; a mouse lives two years and an elephant...
video species longevity 08.07.2019 CNIO researchers find the key to longevity in species Discovery of a new general pattern in biology: Comparison of telomeres of goats, dolphins, gulls,... CNIO Friend Newsletter CNIO Friends
CNIO Friends Newsletter 27 CNIO Friends Newsletter 27 is already here!
Risk factors in cancer Outreach to Society
CNIO & The City: Risk factors in cancer [Subtitles available in English] Throughout history, humanity has been ravaged by crimes without...
2019 CNIO Friends Day CNIO Friends
CNIO honours its ‘Friends’ in an open-door event As in previous years, on June 27, the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) opened its...
2019 International Summer Training Programme 25.06.2019 CNIO’S International Summer Programme awards training positions to six undergraduate students In the next weeks, researchers at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) will come... Polycomb regions at mouse embryonic stem cells Basic Research
Cell Reports. CNIO researchers describe new functions of protein that plays key role in some tumours and rare diseases Cohesin is a protein complex that is essential for chromosome segregation in dividing cells. Recent...