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21.07.2021 CNIO receives support from “la Caixa” Foundation to study obesity and some of the most common tumours Alejo Efeyan, a researcher at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) will head up the... Tumor pulmonar inducido por el KRAS4A. /CNIO Basic Research
PNAS. CNIO researchers clarify the role of the two isoforms of KRAS, the most common oncogene in human cancer KRAS was one of the first oncogenes to be identified, a few decades ago. It is among the most common...
From left to right: Ruth Toledano, Maria A. Blasco, Rafael Rodrigo and Leonardo Anselmi at the agreement signing event. /CNIO 16.07.2021 CNIO and Fondation Franz Weber to cooperate in the promotion of research alternatives to animal testing The Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) and Fondation Franz Weber have signed an... Events
Marisol Soengas, Academician of the Spanish Royal Academy of Pharmacy The head of the Melanoma Group and Dean for Academic Affairs at the Spanish National Cancer Research...
Alejo Efeyan and Ana Ortega, CNIO Basic Research
Cell Reports. CNIO researchers discover a new pathway to tackle follicular lymphoma For their own benefit and to grow beyond control, tumours manipulate cell signals to make it appear...
Video WISE Rigoberta Bandini WISE
WISE seminar | Paula Ribó [In Spanish] The journalist Lola Lara has interviewed the singer and actress Paula Ribó, artistic...
Estructura TELO2-TTI1-TTI2 complejo mTOR Basic Research
Cell Reports. CNIO researchers help to decipher the structure of the large molecular machine that assembles and activates mTOR The principle that form follows function does not only apply to design and architecture. It also...
Vídeo WISE Marta Sanz WISE
WISE Seminar | Marta Sanz [In Spanish] The writer Marta Sanz has given the talk ‘Writing: a journey through the human...
De izquierda a derecha: Ana Belén-Plata Gómez, Alejo Efeyan y Nerea Deleyto-Seldas. /CNIO Basic Research
Nature Communications. A molecular switch that allows organisms to adapt to fasting conditions Getting energy and nutrients from the environment – that is, eating – is such an important...