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Research is the only way to eradicate cancer.

You can be part of the solution.

Every hour there are 32 new cases of people affected by cancer in our country. The only way to combat this disease is to increase the resources devoted to research.

CNIO Friends is an initiative of the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) to provide individuals, foundations and organisations with the opportunity to contribute directly support cancer research in a world-leading monographic cancer research centre.

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In addition, you can make a meaningful contribution by leaving an inheritance or legacy in the name of the CNIO. This will support generations of researchers (and patients!) to come and can be completed without harming the rights of your legitimate heirs.

Remember to provide us with your full personal information if you would like to receive a donation certificate to access tax relief. For any questions you can contact us on 91 73 28 000 or at filantropia@cnio.es.

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