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Maintaining a high profile presence at all the major international conclaves devoted to cancer research has allowed the CNIO to attract extremely talented and qualified people to its ranks, explore new sources of financing and discuss joint initiatives with academic and corporate partners. To that end, its Office of External Relations has been tasked with making sure the CNIO plays a leading role at these meetings and, in broad terms, continues to be regarded as a major player among cancer research institutions.

The priorities of the Office of External Relations are as follows:

  • To undertake strategic partnerships and participate fully in networked initiatives with other prestigious centers dedicated to cancer research.
  • To identify and map out long term projects with the support and involvement of national and international foundations.
  • To play an active role in national and international conclaves dealing with academic issues, policy matters relating to science and innovation, and to help establish priorities for major research initiatives.
  • To raise the institutional profile and attract the best scientific talent to the CNIO.
  • To formalize strategic alliances with global companies as a stimulus to research.

THE CNIO is an academic institution affiliated with the Milner Therapeutics Alliance, an organization based in Cambridge (United Kingdom) dedicated to transforming the findings of basic science into tangible benefits, such as the development of new pharmaceuticals. The alliance brings together 17 university and other research centres, 55 leading industries in the biochemical sector, and two capital investment firms.

Another productive partnership is the one we have entered into with the prominent, Israel-based Weizmann Institute of Science to encourage contact between our research teams and those at the Moross Integrated Cancer Centre (MICC) at the Weizmann. In 2017 the CNIO and the Weizmann held their first joint symposium in which the Ramón Areces Foundation acted as co-organizer. In addition, the latter Foundation has issued the first call for projects in which researchers from the CNIO and the Weizmann are the lead authors, thereby amplifying the synergies between two of the world’s most forward-looking institutions for the study of cancer.