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Aside from its prominence on the map of international science, the CNIO has acquired a reputation as a cultural hotspot, a meeting place where thought-provoking people and ideas can come together. In that light, the events on the Center’s calendar include more than a few lectures and similar functions. Most of these are specialized sessions that attract leading researchers in a given subject area, such as the CNIO-”la Caixa” Foundation Frontiers Meetings (CFM) or the CNIO Seminars. Others are directed more towards the general public, or deal with the social aspects of research. In this latter category are events organized by the Office of Women in Science or within the framework of the CNIO Friends initiative. All are open to the public and advance notice of their scheduling will be published in the media and on social networks of the CNIO.

Doctoral Thesis 04/03/2021
Sara Fernández Gaitero
Triple negative breast cancer kinome-taxonomy, prognostic and therapeutics: role of polynucleotide kinase-phosphatase
Distinguished Seminar 05/03/2021
Lluis Fajas
THE CDK4 REVOLUTION: The fight against hunger
Ad Hoc Seminar 11/03/2021
Javier Tamayo
Optonanomechanical technologies for early cancer detection and new avenues in cancer research
Distinguished Seminar 12/03/2021
Titia Sixma
DUB gymnastics: allosteric regulation of DUBs in DNA regulation
Other 15/03/2021
Advance Multicolor Flow Cytometry Course (March 15-16, 2021)
Other 15/03/2021
Jose Manuel Ligos, Julia García-Lestón, Lola Martinez and Sara García García
Multicolor Flow: fundamentals and rules (15-16 March)
Women in Science Office Seminar 16/03/2021
Soraya Sáenz de Santarmaría
Title Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría tba
Ad Hoc Seminar 25/03/2021
Carles Ubeda
Role of the microbiome in infectious and autoimmune diseases
Doctoral Thesis 26/03/2021
Ana Margarita Maldonado
Deciphering the role of RBM10 in development and cancer using a genetic mouse model
Distinguished Seminar 09/04/2021
Meritxell Huch
Adult tissue derived organoid cultures and their application to the understanding of tissue regeneration and cancer
Other 12/04/2021
Flow Cytometry Induction Course: fundamentals, applications, data analysis and data presentation (12th-13th April )
Doctoral Thesis 28/04/2021
Elena Piñeiro
Developing drug prioritization approaches to target cancer genomes for precision medicine