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The analysis of the ethical and philosophical aspects of scientific discoveries is the starting point of PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE CNIO-SABADELL, a series of meetings in which scientists and philosophers meet at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) to debate on this issue and discuss the impact of advances in science in our society.

The first CNIO-Sabadell Foundation Workshop on Philosophy & Biomedical Sciences: Debates on conceptual and social issues, gathered in November 2019 at the CNIO leading scientists and philosophers in their area to discuss issues such as longevity, human improvement and transhumanism, personalized medicine and genetic editing.

The ethical challenges that certain scientific developments may present, such as high-precision genetic editing and other hot topics, such as the potential threat that human dignity may face in certain developments, find a place in these symposia that provide two perspectives that may not seem to close at a first glance, but we believe are, that is philosophy and science.