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The CNIO ensures that innovative technology is made available on the Spanish National Health Service and to the scientific community at large. In the field of Familial Cancer, it works closely with hospitals offering genetic counseling to patients and their families and carrying out relevant genetic studies when evidence is found that suggests a hereditary cancer syndrome. (Hereditary Cancer, Endocrine and Hereditary Cancer Group).

The Center’s cytogenetic services contribute to the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of oncohematolgical processes. Our Biobank allows researchers to access the human tissue samples they require. Similarly, the CNIO has advanced equipment for molecular diagnostics. Both resources have become absolutely essential in modern day oncology.

We are also equipped to do high resolution gene sequencing and high volume analysis of the genetic variations that may indicate the individual patient’s susceptibility to cancer and likely response to treatment. By the same token, our Histopathology Unit offers a wide range of services calling for samples of human or rodent tissue. Our catalogue of high quality monoclonal antibodies that act on human and/or rodent tissues can help improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various disorders, cancer included. Antibodies produced by the CNIO are currently being commercialized in various countries around the world and have become an important source of revenue for the Center.