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Carmen Calvo and Juan Luis Arsuaga - CNIO Outreach to Society
Art and human evolution. Carmen Calvo presents artworks at the CNIO inspired by her conversations with Juan Luis Arsuaga The artist Carmen Calvo composes paintings from postcards of the twentieth century;...
therapies CNIO Friends
The Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) and La Roche-Posay renew cooperation agreement La Roche-Posay, specialising in dermatologic skincare solutions, is a permanent supporter of science...
#CNIOStopCancer thumbnail CNIO Friends
Renowned musicians and performers get together to support cancer research at CNIO “Change starts when you say, ‘That’s enough!’” (Enrique Arce); “Research is the only...
CNIO building 27.01.2020 Isabel Blanco, Head of the CNIO Animal Facility, will preside over SECAL for the next two years Isabel Blanco, Head of the Animal Facility of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO),... CNIO Auditorium Events
The annual CNIO programme of public lectures brings world experts in cancer science to Madrid Each year, CNIO group leaders may choose to invite a prestigious scientist to whom they would like...
Pablo Alborán concert CNIO Friends
Singer Pablo Alborán to perform in Madrid in a fundraising concert for CNIO The singer Pablo Alborán announced he will give a concert on April 4 at the WiZink Center in...
Geoff Macintyre, CNIO 20.01.2020 Researcher Geoff Macintyre joins the CNIO to enable precision medicine for the most complex cancer types Cancer has its origin in DNA mutations. These mutations may constitute individual changes in the DNA... Lab Day Give us a hand Events
CNIO closes the year celebrating Lab Day As every year, the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) reviews the work done during the...
Manuel Valiente, CNIO Basic Research
Manuel Valiente receives the most prestigious European grant to study brain metastasis The brain, one of our most valuable and delicate organs, has developed tools to protect itself...