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Participantes en la V jornada Filosofía y Ciencia. Desde la izda: Antonio Diéguez, Anna Traveset, Maria A. Blasco, José María Rey Benayas, Cristian Moyano, Laura Menatti, Arantza Etxebarria y Alicia Puleo. / Laura M. Lombardía. CNIO. Outreach to Society
V Philosophy and Science Seminar. Halting the sixth mass extinction of species requires an economy that respects nature, warn philosophers and ecologists The annual conference on philosophy and science held at CNIO with the support of Fundación Banco...
Joseph Takahashi, en la entrada del CNIO. /Esther Sanchez. Translational
The time we eat does matter. The researcher who discovered the first biological clock gene in mammals relates biorhythms to longevity The human biological clock is controlled by a dozen genes. Together they form an important molecular...
28.11.2023 Egyptian scientist Marwa M. Abu-Serie Ali arrives at CNIO to investigate a nanodrug against metastasis Egyptian researcher Marwa Muhammad Abu-Serie Ali, from the Research Institute for Genetic... 14.11.2023 Treatments against metastasis already in trials include bacteria, drugs for hypertension and blockers of communication between neurons The main cause of death from cancer is metastasis, the process that spreads the tumor to other... 08.11.2023 New cancer research goal is to eradicate metastasis before it appears The results of the basic research conducted over the last few decades on how metastasis originates... 27.10.2023 María Casanova-Acebes becomes a member of the Young Academy of Spain Maria Casanova-Acebes, head of the Cancer Immunity Group at the Spanish National Cancer Research... 13.10.2023 Inmaculada de Melo Martín: “Science doesn’t decide when a human being becomes one” Asturian philosopher Inmaculada de Melo Martín, Professor of Medical Ethics at Cornell University... 11.10.2023 The ‘Digital Twins’ project is seeking 300 women with advanced cancer to create virtual models of their disease that can help future patients The recruitment of advanced cancer patients to participate in the High-definition oncology in... Scientific News
Researchers at CNIO and IDIBELL shed light on the role in lactation of a protein also crucial in breast cancer Milk production in mammals is a crucial process for the organism, perfected along the course of...