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From the left: Sonia Martínez, Joaquín Pastor y Carmen Blanco, researchers of the Experimental Therapies program at CNIO, with Roke Oruezabal, from CNIO’s Innovation program. / E. Sánchez. CNIO Translational
First ‘CNIO Investors Day’ to help bridge the gap between cancer research and patient treatment A dozen venture capital firms, as well as funding and consulting firms, have listened carefully to...
Science Translational Medicine. New immunotherapy for multiple myeloma proves in the lab to be more effective than CAR-T treatment already in use Immunotherapy is already improving treatment options for many cancer types, but research groups keep...
Los investigadores del CNIO Héctor Peinado y Nùria Malats, con el coordinador de PANCAID, Klaus Pantel, en el centro. Translational
The search for a liquid biopsy for the early detection of pancreatic cancer summons top European experts in this tumor at the CNIO Pancreatic cancer is usually detected in advanced stages, often resulting in death within a year of...
Haematologica. The case of a patient with multiple myeloma cured after hepatitis treatment reveals that this cancer can be caused by viruses, and opens up new treatment options A few years ago, a patient was cured of multiple myeloma after being treated for hepatitis C,...
A new paediatric cancer unit at CNIO is researching to bring personalised therapies to children as well In children, cancer is a rare disease, which is cured – with treatment – in eight out of ten...
Joseph Takahashi, en la entrada del CNIO. /Esther Sanchez. Translational
The time we eat does matter. The researcher who discovered the first biological clock gene in mammals relates biorhythms to longevity The human biological clock is controlled by a dozen genes. Together they form an important molecular...
Luis Paz-Ares, head of Oncology Department at Hospital 12 de Octubre and director of CNIO-H12O Lung Cancer Research Unit at the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO). /Laura M. Lombardía. CNIO Translational
The New England Journal of Medicine. New treatment in trial for previously treated small cell lung cancer shows promising results Small cell lung cancer is an aggressive malignancy, accounting for 15 percent of lung tumors. The...
Infografía proyecto IMPaCT_VUSCan. /underbau. CNIO Translational
The biggest ever Spanish project to identify cancer risk genes kicks off Currently, only some of those who are at higher risk than normal can know their predisposition to...
eClinicalMedicine. The use of genomic sequencing panels to personalise cancer treatment is beneficial in only 5% of the patients in whom they are currently used In recent years, the use of genomic sequencing panels in cancer treatment has become widespread....