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Gonçalo Bernardes, an expert in the development of precision medicine oncology drugs, begins his ‘Fundación Jesús Serra’ research stay at CNIO Gonçalo Bernardes, Professor of Biological Chemistry at Cambridge University (UK), has begun his...
Nature. New biomarkers unlock potential for more effective treatment of deadly cancers Researchers at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) and the Cancer Research UK...
Nature Medicine. CNIO researchers find a way to increase effectiveness of radiotherapy for brain metastasis A group of CNIO researchers headed by Manuel Valiente have found a new strategy that could be used...
Gut. An international study proposes stool analysis for early detection of pancreatic cancer Pancreatic cancer is not one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers, but it is one of the most...
EMBO Molecular Medicine. CNIO researchers design a drug screening platform compatible with patient biopsies to fight metastasis It is estimated that about a quarter of cancer patients are at risk of brain metastases, a rate...
Scientific Reports. CNIO researchers identify drugs potentially capable of reducing the mortality of COVID-19 Inflammation is a defence mechanism of the body to fight pathogens. However, when it is widespread...
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New England Journal of Medicine. Researchers from CNIO and Hospital 12 de Octubre take part in two international trials to expand the indications of CAR-T cell immunotherapy Immunotherapy with CAR-T cells is one of the biggest recent advances in cancer treatment, although...
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Journal of Hematology & Oncology. The CNIO and the Haematology Department of the Hospital 12 de Octubre identify a new factor that may have a positive impact on the survival of patients with multiple myeloma An international study led by the Haematology and Haemotherapy Department of the Hospital...
CNIO researchers Héctor Peinado and Susana García Silva at the entrance of CNIO. Translational
Nature Cancer. CNIO researchers discover a new mechanism involved in early melanoma metastasis “We must not only look inside the tumour but also outside of it,” says Héctor Peinado, a...