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Outreach to Society

Outreach to Society
The Embassy of Spain in the United States hosts CNIO Arte Since yesterday, the Embassy of Spain in the United States hosts the exhibition Dialogues between...
Outreach to Society
CNIO science at the ‘Madrid es Ciencia’ outreach fair “We do research to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer” is the slogan of the CNIO...
Outreach to Society
CNIO Arte 2023: artist Amparo Garrido explores the power of meditation to lengthen telomeres in a science-inspired short film based on the research of Elizabeth Blackburn This year, CNIO has brought together the Nobel Prize winning researcher who discovered that deeply...
Outreach to Society
The Cervantes Institute in New York hosts the exhibition ‘CNIO Arte. Dialogues between art and science’ Works by five internationally renowned Spanish artists, created as a result of their interaction...
Artist Eva Lootz in front of her work for the first edition of CNIO Arte, in 2018. /Amparo Garrido. CNIO. Outreach to Society
Artworks from ‘CNIO ARTE’, born from the dialogue between scientists and artists, to be exhibited in New York In her works created for CNIO ARTE, Eva Lootz reflects on the origins of molecular biology and...
Outreach to Society
Irene Cano: “To achieve a good work-life balance, we don’t have to give up anything; we just need to do it in our own way” “When I studied the Internet, it was very primitive. A photograph took the whole night to...
Outreach to Society
CNIO to launch artist-in-residence programme, inviting young artists to be in contact with the science of cancer for six months The Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) is calling for application for the first CNIO...
Outreach to Society
Four university students join CNIO’s International Summer Internship Programme as things gets back to normal after the pandemic Over the next few weeks, researchers from the National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) will be coming...
Outreach to Society
Artist Marina Vargas appointed CNIO Arte 2023 curator Marina Vargas is a multidisciplinary artist whose language explores classic iconography,...