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Ana Ortega-Molina, primary author and current researcher at the Severo Ochoa Molecular Biology Centre, and Alejo Efeyan, senior author, from the CNIO Metabolism and Cell Signalling Group. Credit: /CNIO. Basic Research
Nature Aging. Aging speeds up and lifetime becomes shorter in animals whose cells ‘believe’ to have too many nutrients, despite following a normal diet The reality of a population who is ageing at an accelerated rate makes it a priority to understand...
Tony Wyss Coray after his seminar at CNIO. Credit Laura M. Lombardía / CNIO. Basic Research
Blood could eventually become a tool against aging, Wyss-Coray says Research into different factors in the blood could contribute to better understanding and detecting...
Fluorescence microscopy visualization of melanoma cells. Basic Research
Cancer Communications. Combination of fasting and chemotherapy may improve cancer response, with different effects according to sex In recent years several research groups have found evidence, in animal models, that controlled...
Alejo Efeyan, head of the Metabolism and Cell Signalling Group in his lab at CNIO Basic Research
Nature Communications. Discontinuous food intake activates a ‘GPS gene’ in liver cells, thus completing the development of the liver after birth In mammals, the liver detects the body’s energy demand at any given moment and mobilizes...
Real image of DNA molecules being copied in human cells, visualized by immunofluorescence microscopy. The yellow arrows mark where replication begins, and the white arrows indicate the direction in which the molecule is being copied. The distance between the ends of the white arrows is about 100 thousandths of a millimeter (µM); it corresponds to 250,000 'letters' of DNA (bases). / Sara Rodríguez-Acebes. CNIO Basic Research
The EMBO Journal. CNIO researchers discover a protein that prevents DNA triplication Every time a cell divides, its DNA is duplicated so that the two daughter cells have the same...
Germinal center with normal structure on the left and aberrant due to lack of NGFR on the right. The maturing B lymphocytes are shown in green and the cells that generate the structure in red /Alberto Hernández. CNIO Basic Research
Cell Reports. The molecule behind a potential new therapy for melanoma also plays a key role in autoimmune diseases Three years ago, in 2021, the Microenvironment and Metastasis Group at the Spanish National Cancer...
Basic Research
Science. First atomic-scale ‘movie’ of microtubules under construction, a key process for cell division Cells in the human body are constantly dividing. With each division the genetic information...
Basic Research
Researchers discover a molecule that helps pancreas cell mature and limits tumour formation The pancreas, located behind the stomach, manages the energy supply in our body. It does so by...
Basic Research
One of the causes of aggressive liver cancer discovered: a ‘molecular staple’ that helps repair broken DNA Error-correcting mechanisms are very important for cells, because with all the cellular activity...