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Basic Research

Basic Research
Researchers discover a molecule that helps pancreas cell mature and limits tumour formation The pancreas, located behind the stomach, manages the energy supply in our body. It does so by...
Basic Research
One of the causes of aggressive liver cancer discovered: a ‘molecular staple’ that helps repair broken DNA Error-correcting mechanisms are very important for cells, because with all the cellular activity...
Basic Research
Two Spanish researchers to lead the Proteomics and Confocal Microscopy Units at CNIO after a decade abroad Tumor cells have defective genes. Genes carry the instructions to make the biochemical building...
Basic Research
Nature Communications. CNIO researchers discover how to predict the efficacy of one of the most widely used drugs against breast cancer Precision oncology aims at pointing out which drug is likely to work in every specific cancer...
Basic Research
Molecular Cell. PrimPol, the enzyme that helps cells tolerate DNA damage, may contribute to the development of leukaemia Sometimes everything needs to be perfect, but sometimes it’s the opposite: you have to turn a...
Mechanism discovered that helps viruses like monkeypox to block and evade our cellular defence system Basic Research
Nature Communications. Mechanism discovered that helps viruses like monkeypox to block and evade our cellular defence system A defence mechanism that human cells possess against viruses such as monkeypox, herpes simplex and...
Basic Research
Elisabete Weiderpass: “There are many substances for which we have clear evidence that they are carcinogenic, but they are still on the market. It is a political decision, not a scientific one” Elisabete Weiderpass heads up the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), whose reports...
Basic Research
Genome Biology. Genetic variant found that predisposes people to slimness, carried by 60% of Europeans How much do genes influence our body weight? For the general population this influence is estimated...
Basic Research
Clinical Cancer Research. Molecular basis of resistance to one of the main treatments for multiple myeloma identified Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that affects plasma cells, the blood cells involved in the...