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Basic Research

Basic Research
Science Advances. The exceptional case of a person who has survived twelve tumours opens up new avenues for early diagnosis and immunotherapy in cancer, say CNIO researchers The life of the person featured in the study published today in the journal Science Advances has...
Basic Research
Cancers. A study by the CNIO Familial Cancer Unit helps identify a new candidate gene for breast cancer predisposition Hereditary and environmental factors are involved in breast cancer. Of the hereditary factors, nine...
Basic Research
Treatment of pulmonary fibrosis should focus on the telomeres of the cells that regenerate the lungs, according to a new study by CNIO researchers Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis could become the first degenerative disease to be treated through the...
Basic Research
“Immunotherapy is one of the most promising treatment options for cancer today,” says Maria A. Blasco on World Cancer Research Day “Today’s research is tomorrow’s treatment,” said the Director of the Spanish National Cancer...
Basic Research
Molecular Cell. The structure of protein RAF1 revealed: a key step in the development of new drugs against lung cancer One of the main challenges in oncology is the development of drugs against KRAS oncogenes. These...
Basic Research
EMBO Molecular Medicine. A ‘weak spot’ discovered that potentially makes multi-drug resistant tumors vulnerable One of the greatest challenges facing cancer researchers is to understand why some patients don’t...
Basic Research
Journal of Advanced Research. CNIO researchers identify cryptic vulnerabilities in an oncoprotein that could be used in the development of novel anti-cancer drugs RET is a receptor protein with tyrosine kinase activity that can transfer a phosphate group from ATP...
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Journal of Hepatology. CNIO researchers identify a mechanism that causes liver cirrhosis Liver cirrhosis is a deadly disease that is still poorly understood, in large part due to the lack...
Basic Research
Nucleic Acids Research. CNIO researchers shed light on the maturation of spliceosome, a cellular process involved in certain types of cancer DNA contains the instructions for life, which need to be read in order to build proteins, which are...