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What are the areas where the CNIO has seen tangible progress? For starters, in a new strategy aimed at countering the most aggressive cerebral tumors, focusing on how they form and how they respond to treatment after they metastasize. Then there is an application that prioritizes the therapeutic options available to the individual patient. Mention apart for the bioluminescent lab rats that make it easier to visually follow the progression of a melanoma.

At CNIO, our fundamental research is organized into different areas: basic research ( Molecular Oncology, and Structural Biology); patient-oriented translational research (Human Cancer Genetics and Clinical Research); and innovation (Biotechnology and Experimental Therapeutics).

Everything proceeds from a few fundamental questions as we try to determine how and why cancer is what it is and does what it does. Patient centered research is a way of approaching these questions and at the same time one that transforms the discoveries it generates into tangibly beneficial real-world solutions such as diagnostic kits, pharmaceuticals or alternative therapies.