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  • Nuria Ajenjo
  • Daniel Alba
  • Inmaculada Almenara
  • María Jesús Artiga
  • Francisco De Luna
  • Cecilia Sobrino

The main goal of CNIO Biobank is to facilitate access to quality human samples and their associated data for research in cancer and related diseases, ensuring that both the acquisition and their use comply with all the legal and ethical principles that protect donors’ rights.

CNIO Biobank is a cross-service platform for CNIO researchers, and in general the wider scientific community, that offers extensive services covering all stages in research project management requiring the use of human samples. CNIO Biobank provides sample handling/processing; collection management; quality, ethical and legal advice; acquisition and design of valuable research collections; and negotiation with different stakeholders to find suitable samples and/or help obtain the ethical approval for any research project (involving human samples).

CNIO Biobank is authorised by the Consejería de Sanidad de la Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid (CAM) and registered in the Registro Nacional de Biobancos del Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ref. nº: B.000848).


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