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Oncologist Joaquín Martínez (center in the first row) with his team from the H12O-CNIO Haematological Malignancies Clinical Research Unit and the Confocal Microscopy Unit led by Diego Megías (first left in the second row), which has also collaborated in the project. /Laura M. Lombardy. CNIO Translational
Blood Cancer Journal. Researchers at CNIO and 12 de Octubre Hospital prove efficacy of new immunotherapy for multiple myeloma CAR-T cell immunotherapy is a huge step forward in the treatment of blood cancer. However, it can...
Óscar Fernández-Capetillo and Emilio Lecona Translational
The EMBO Journal. A new mechanism that explains the toxicity of USP7 inhibitors, which are under development for the treatment of cancer, unveiled Understanding the components that control cell division is fundamental to understanding how life...
TMZ+DAG glioblastoma Translational
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. Discovered a combination therapy that could improve the survival of patients with aggressive brain tumours Glioblastomas are the most common and most aggressive brain tumours. Their survival rate has barely...
Image study breast cancer genes Translational
NEJM. The CNIO participates in a study that defines the most important genes that increase the risk of breast cancer Genetic inheritance affects the likelihood of developing breast cancer. Some genes are already known...
Clara Gómez-Aleza, Guillermo Yoldi and Eva González-Suárez Translational
Nature Communications. Scientists discover the immunomodulatory activity of a drug that would improve the efficacy of immunotherapy against breast cancer Despite the success of immunotherapy in the treatment of cancers such as lung or melanoma, it is...
Mouse embryoid body Translational
The EMBO Journal. A quick and simple technology to improve the effectiveness of stem cells in regenerative medicine developed Stem cells have been holding great promise for regenerative medicine for years. In the last decade,...
Pancreatic cancer and diabetes Translational
Gut. Diabetes type 3c is confirmed as an early manifestation of pancreatic cancer As biomedical sciences incorporate increasingly sophisticated methodologies and technologies, our...
Unidad de Edición Genómica en Ratón Translational
CNIO gets funds to develop humanised mice as preclinical models to test new drugs against SARS-CoV-2 One of the most urgent needs in connection with Covid-19 is the development of effective antiviral...
Pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells, CNIO Translational
Cancer Cell. A new strategy to prevent the most aggressive tumours from generating resistance to chemotherapy One of the most frequent problems when treating cancer is that the tumours develop resistance to...