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Did you know that every hour there are 32 new cases of people affected by cancer? And did you know that the only way to continue fighting is to increase the resources devoted to research?

Thanks to the scientists work, more than 50% of these cancers are cured. However, we still don’t have effective treatments against many types of tumours. There is much to be done…

We need you!

Come on! Become a CNIO Friend

We have created the ‘CNIO Friends’ Contracts Programme, which incorporates young scientists from all over the world. They join the CNIO into cutting-edge basic research or drug development programmes, as well as the CNIO’s clinical research programme, made up of oncologists from different hospitals of our country. All for the benefit of cancer patients and their families.

So far, eight postdoctoral researchers have joined the team thanks to the CNIO Friends donations, testamentary and legacies giving, including two that were sponsored by the CNIO Friends-Juegaterapia Foundation. Joining them is a pre-doctoral candidate who has been singled out as a recipient of the Maria Oliva-CNIO Friends Pre-Doctoral Contract.

We hope that more researchers come with your help!

Purchasing some of the pieces that come from our project CNIO Arte is another way to collaborate with CNIO Friends. We currently have Carmen Calvo, Chema Madoz and Eva Lootz work and also an artistic book called Excelentes.

We want to deliver a message to the rest of society; namely, that science is not just for scientists… we want to count on you!

Contact us via or donate here.