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In connection with the CNIO and Art project, that has been active since 2018 at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), we have developed our ART AND SCIENCE SYMPOSIA. These symposia invite renowned professionals in the art and science fields to give talks at CNIO’s auditorium establishing an approach between both disciplines by an enriching and open deliberation on a selected topic.

On February 20th 2020, we held the first edition of the Art and Science Symposium, “The relations between art and archaeology”, directed by Carlos Jiménez, and developed in line with CNIO ART 2020, where its high-level guests, Carmen Calvo and Juan Luis Arsuaga, talked about this subject in a pleasant environment.

During the symposium, three professionals from the art world, Fernando Castro Flórez; Aurora Fernández Polanco and Carlos Jiménez; along with the visual artists Bleda and Rosa shared their vision on this issue, in an event open to the public upon registration.