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From the Institutional Image and Science and Culture activities office, we would like to invite you to the opening and presentation of CNIO Art 2023.

It will take place on 15 February from 12:00 to 13:30.

For this sixth edition, CNIO Arte 2023, we are pleased to present the couple formed by Amparo Garrido, renowned visual artist, and Elizabeth Blackburn, biochemist and Nobel Prize in Medicine (2009). Amparo Garrido has created an audiovisual piece called “Meditation” and two large format photographs inspired by Elizabeth’s studies, especially on telomeres and the impact that stress has on them.

The opening ceremony will be attended by Amparo Garrido, artist protagonist of CNIO Art 2023, online intervention by Elizabeth Blackburn, scientist protagonist of CNIO Art 2023, Marina Vargas, curator of CNIO Art 2023, Borja Baselga, Director of the Banco Santander Foundation and Maria Blasco, Director of the CNIO. The master of ceremonies will be the journalist Ana Morente.

On the same day, 15 February, we also invite you to participate in the IV Symposium ‘Art and Science’ from 10:00 to 15:45, which will also be held at the CNIO Auditorium.

The theme chosen for this year, in line with the dialogue between Amparo Garrido and Elizabeth Blackburn, is “The thread of life in the arts and sciences“. We will enjoy the presentations of Carlos Jiménez, Professor Emeritus of Aesthetics at the European University of Madrid, Historian and art critic, Maria Blasco, Director of the CNIO and Head of the Telomeres and Telomerase Group, CNIO, Elizabeth Blackburn, biochemist, Nobel Prize in Medicine (2009) and María Gelpi María Gelpi, Bachelor of Law and Theology.

You can register for these events through this link: