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The CNIO hosts the sculpture ‘Intra-Venus’ from the artist Marina Vargas

As part of CNIO’s initiatives for the World Day of Cancer, the CNIO celebrated last 2nd February the inauguration of the sculpture ‘Intra-Venus’ and the launch of the Asociación ‘Intra-Venus’ whose main aim is to give visibility and support to women creators with cancer. The sculpture will be on display for the public during a year at the entrance of the CNIO.

The sculpture ‘Intra-Venus’, realized in life size, represents a women with breast cancer that has undergone a mastectomy. The artwork, of great visual significance, was made by Marina Vargas, from Granada, in Carrara marble and it represents its own body. She scanned her body when she was going through cancer to make the sculpture. “This sculpture has a performance-art feel, I wished it to record the state of my body at the time, and it is also an homage to all women that had gone through the same experience”, explains the artist and chair of the new association ‘Intra-Venus’, association named after this artwork.

The Asociación ‘Intra-Venus’ has as goals to create a collaborative network that works towards fostering visibility, accompaniment, mentorship, and mutual cross generational support. Thus, creating a platform for social activism through creative projects. Hence, ‘Intra-Venus’ intends to boost labour reinsertation for creative and professional women related to the Arts and Culture world that had or are suffering this disease by offering them a better quality of life, as well as meaning, dimension and depth to their personal situation.

If you want to find out more about this association, you can check their web or contact them via email at

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