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The CNIO’s portfolio of patents covers some 30 different categories and represents a wide-ranging array of applications. Among them you will find substances that control the behavior of certain proteins implicated in different types of malignancies. The CNIO can offer new therapeutic targets for fighting tumours, tissue regeneration, and treatment of the telomeric syndrome. There are even custom-engineered nanometric vehicles that allow drug-based treatments to reach their targets with greatly improved accuracy, as well as new methods in the treatment of cerebral metastasis.

Licensing out these discoveries to industrial interests ensures their availability to the scientific community and eventually to the public at large. In addition, exploitation of patents generates a stream of revenue that is reinvested in our research. Beginning in 2013, the CNIO has implemented a policy of royalty sharing by way of encouraging researchers and scientists to carry on innovating. Approximately 10% of CNIO scientists are inventors.

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