Mouse Genome Editing Core Unit

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Graduate Students

  • Aleida Pujol
  • Daniel Serrano


  • Estefania Ayala
  • Marina Cabrerizo
  • Carmen Gómez
  • Jaime Muñoz
  • Patricia Prieto
  • Pierfrancesco Vargiu

Genetically modified mice represent one of the basic pillars that sustain cancer research at the CNIO. The term ‘cancer’ includes a variety of extremely complex diseases in which malignant cells communicate with different body systems, such as immune cells or blood vessels, that modulate tumour growth, expansion and invasion. Such complexity cannot be sufficiently well studied by using in vitro systems alone.

The Mouse Genome Editing Unit is dedicated to the design, generation and cryopreservation of genetically modified mouse models of cancer, using state-of-the-art technology for the controlled modification of the mouse germ line. In collaboration with CNIO groups, we have created hundreds of genetically engineered mouse strains that are crucial for understanding the molecular basis of tumour development and for the preclinical validation of new and more efficient cancer therapies. The Unit currently maintains a collection of more than 1000 cryopreserved mouse strains from which the entire scientific community may benefit for the advancement of Science in many different research disciplines.