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The second edition of the Symposium Arte y Ciencia, held on July 6th 2021 over Zoom platform, was directed by Carlos Jiménez, Aesthetics Professor Emeritus, Historian and Art Critic. This year’s theme was ‘Cartography in the Digital Age’, in line with the dialogue between this edition’s protagonists: Daniel Canogar and Sarah Teichmann.

At this year’s Symposium participated: Carlos Jiménez, Director of the Symposium; Elena Castro, philosopher and researcher; Alfonso Valencia, ICREA Research Professor and Director of the Life Sciences Department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC); Nerea Calvillo, architect, professor and researcher; and visual artist Daniel Canogar, protagonist artist of CNIO Arte 2021. This event presented a reflection forum on how the big quantities of data travelling through digital society are reshaping human identity.

  • You can find more information on CNIO Arte 2021 in the link.
  • You can download here CNIO Arte 2021’s catalogue with the texts of the speakers of this edition.
  • You can watch here the recording of II Symposium Arte y Ciencia