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Staff Scientists

  • Matthias Drosten
  • Carmen Guerra

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Sara García
  • Federico Virga

Graduate Students

  • Gonzalo María Aizpurua
  • Oksana Brehey
  • Laura De la Puente
  • Sara Barrambana
  • Fernando Fernández
  • Ana María Fernández
  • Vasiliki Liaki
  • Lucía Morales
  • Marina Salmón
  • Pian Sun


  • Ruth Álvarez
  • Mª Carmen González
  • Patricia Teresa Guerra
  • Silvia Jiménez
  • Alejandra López
  • Marta San Román
  • Raquel Villar

KRAS oncogenes have been identified in one-fifth of all human cancers. In 2020, selective inhibitors against one of the KRAS oncogenic isoforms, KRAS G12C, have been developed. Yet all the other isoforms remain undruggable. Moreover, selective inhibitors of KRAS signalling pathways have failed in the clinic due to unacceptable toxicities. Previous work in our laboratory, allowed us to identify RAF1 as the only effector within the MAPK pathway whose elimination induced significant tumour regressions without causing major toxicities. In 2020, we have identified CDK4 as a second potential therapeutic target. Combined RAF1 ablation and expression of a CDK4 kinase dead isoform completely prevented tumour progression of KRAS/TRP53 driven lung adenocarcinomas and led to complete regression of a quarter of these tumours without increasing overall toxicity. We trust that the identification of additional targets with potential therapeutic activity may eventually lead to the complete elimination of these aggressive tumours.