Experimental Oncology Group

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Staff Scientists

  • Matthias Drosten
  • Raquel García
  • Carmen Guerra

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Sara García

Graduate Students

  • Oksana Brehey
  • Laura De la Puente
  • Sara Barrambana
  • Fernando Fernández
  • Jing Li
  • Vasiliki Liaki
  • Lucía Morales
  • Marina Salmón


  • Ruth Álvarez
  • Mª Carmen González
  • Patricia Teresa Guerra
  • Silvia Jiménez
  • Alejandra López
  • Marta San Román
  • Raquel Villar

KRAS oncogenes have been identified in one fifth of all human cancers. Yet, no selective inhibitors have been approved so far. Moreover, attempts to block KRAS oncogenic activity with selective inhibitors of KRAS signalling pathways have failed so far due to unacceptable toxicities. In our laboratory, we have continued our quest to validate therapeutic targets for KRAS driven lung and pancreatic tumours using a new generation of genetically engineered mouse tumour models that allow us to evaluate their anti-tumour properties as well as their potential toxic effects in tumour-bearing mice. These studies have allowed the identification of RAF1 as the only target within the MAPK signalling pathway capable of inducing significant tumour regressions in advanced KRAS/ TRP53 mutant tumours without inducing major toxicities. We are now focusing our research interests on: (i) devising therapeutic strategies to selectively targeting RAF1 and (ii) identifying additional targets that may cooperate with RAF1 inhibition, with the ultimate goal of translating these results to the clinic.