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Seve Ballesteros Foundation visits CNIO


Support Cancer Research

Javier Ballesteros, president of the Seve Ballesteros Foundation (FSB) and son of the Spanish golf legend, yesterday visited the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), along with his brother Miguel, who is also a board member at the foundation. The FSB is devoted to promoting brain tumour research and to this end sponsors the FSB-CNIO Laboratory, managed by the researcher Massimo Squatrito.

The Director of the CNIO, Maria Blasco; the Director of the BBVA Foundation-CNIO Cancer Cell Biology Programme, Erwin Wagner; the Scientific  Director of the FSB; Cristobal Belda, as well as Squatrito, among other participants, participated in the event. The visit included a presentation about the CNIO and the research carried out at the FSB-CNIO Laboratory, and finished with a tour of the laboratories in the centre.

Malignant brain tumours represent about 3% of known cancers and every year about 100,000 new cases are diagnosed worldwide. In Spain, there are about 4,000 new cases per year. The FSB, through initiatives such as the Challenge —charity golf tournaments—, aims to raise funds to promote research and projects of excellence and scientific leadership to help improve the quality of life and survival rates of those affected by malignant brain tumours.

Javier and Miguel Ballesteros pose by the commemorative plaque for the opening of the Fundación Seve Ballesteros /CNIO

Erwin Wagner, Masimo Squatrito, Javier Ballesteros, Maria Blasco and Miguel Ballesteros, before the meeting of the two institutions colaborating on brain tumor research (from left to right) /CNIO

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