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The friends of CNIO have already had a direct impact on cancer research. Thanks to their generous donations, it was possible to fund CNIO Friends Contracts aimed at attracting highly qualified young scientists from around the world.

So far, eight postdoctoral researchers have joined the team thanks to the CNIO Friends initiative, including two that were sponsored by the CNIO Friends-Play Therapy Foundation. Joining them is a pre-doctoral candidate who has been singled out as a recipient of the Maria Oliva-CNIO Friends Pre-Doctoral Contract.

We want CNIO Friends to serve as a vehicle for delivering a message to the rest of society; namely, that science is not just for scientists. It requires everyone’s participation, at every level. This is what we sought to convey in Excelentes, a book that allows us to share the thoughts of some of the men and women who have distinguished themselves in fields ranging from understanding the causes of cancer to the behavior of sub-atomic particles at the quantum scale. Our project CNIO Arte, which try to build bridges between outstanding figures of science and art, was based on this idea! All proceeds from the sale of these pieces are earmarked for hands-on cancer research.