Proteomics Core Unit

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Vacant Director


  • Fernando García
  • Julia Isabel Morales
  • Jana Sánchez
  • Maria Pilar Ximénez de Embún
  • Eduardo Zarzuela

Current advances in high-throughput techniques represent a paradigm-shi¬ft and have revolutionised biomedical research. Omics technologies provide an unbiased view of a biological system and can be used to test and generate novel hypotheses. Proteins are the molecular e¬ffectors of cells and transcriptomics merely represents a proxy to estimate the final protein product. Moreover, genomic data do not provide information about the post-translational modifications of proteins or their interactions. Thus, direct interrogation of proteins is of paramount importance. Proteomics is a discipline that aims to understand the complex regulation of the proteome and its impact on disease. However, global analysis of proteins is challenging owing to their high complexity and high dynamic range. To tackle these analytical challenges, proteomics uses a combination of sample preparation, mass spectrometry (MS) and bioinformatics. The CNIO Proteomics Core Unit provides MS-based proteomics to research groups in order to better understand, at the proteome level, the molecular basis of cancer.