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  • Fernando García
  • Laura Cynthia Woods
  • Maria Pilar Ximénez de Embún
  • Eduardo Zarzuela

Proteomics is acquiring a critical role in the comprehensive understanding of human biology. The fast development in mass spectrometry-based proteomics instrumentation and data analysis pipelines has helped the scientific community to dig (even) deeper into the proteome. In the last decade, the main output of differential proteomics studies has evolved from long lists of proteins to the generation of new hypotheses, allowing proteomics to become functional. For example, cancer proteomics has unravelled key data in mechanistic studies on tumour growth and metastasis, contributing to the identification of clinical biomarkers and novel therapeutic targets. Several cancer proteome databases have been established and are being shared worldwide. The CNIO Proteomics Core Unit develops and applies state-of-the-art proteomics, informatics, and related technologies, for direct interrogation of protein expression, modification, and function in cell-based models of human cancer. We aim to provide valuable guidance for experimental strategies, which are critical for cancer research success.