DNA Replication Group

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Research Scientists

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Sergio Muñoz

Graduate Students

  • Miguel Curto
  • Roberto Masdemont
  • Sergi Roig

Our Group studies the fundamental mechanisms of DNA replication and how the replicative process adapts to cell type-specific transcriptional programmes and chromatin organisation. We also investigate the cellular responses to replication stress (RS), a phenomenon caused by endogenous or exogenous factors that slow down DNA replication forks and may result in DNA damage and genomic instability. Our long-term goal is to develop strategies to minimise RS in normal cells and enhance it in cancer cells to increase their vulnerability. In 2023, we addressed the molecular changes that underlie the rewiring of DNA replication during pluripotency transitions in mouse embryonic stem cells. We also described how regulation of replication origin activity influences the acquisition of chemotherapy resistance in tumour cells undergoing epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition. Finally, we showed how DNA replication is blocked by a new combination therapy for diffuse large B cell lymphoma.