DNA Replication Group

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Staff Scientists

Graduate Students

  • Elena Blanco
  • Daniel González
  • Patricia Ubieto


  • Sara San José

Recent epidemiology studies indicate that up to two thirds of the mutations found in tumours are the consequence of inaccurate DNA replication; the rest are inherited or caused by environmental factors. We study the process of DNA replication and its regulatory pathways, with a particular interest in the phenomenon of replicative stress (RS) caused by the temporal stalling or inhibition of the protein machinery responsible for DNA synthesis. In 2018, we focused on the following areas: (1) the activation of ‘dormant’ replication origins in response to RS; (2) the molecular connection between the speed of replication forks and the frequency of origin activation, the two main parameters affected by RS; and (3) the function of PrimPol primase in ‘replicative tolerance’, i.e. the duplication of chemically damaged DNA molecules in order to facilitate their subsequent repair. We have also applied single-molecule methods to analyse the impact of RS in several biological processes.