Medicinal Chemistry Section

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Staff Scientists

  • Ana B. García
  • Cristina Ana Gómez
  • Esther González
  • Sonsoles Rodríguez
  • Carmen Varela


  • Lucía De Andrés
  • Francisco Javier García

The Medicinal Chemistry Section is part of the interdisciplinary Experimental Therapeutics Programme dedicated to early Drug Discovery. Our activities consist of the design and synthesis of potential drugs with a therapeutic use in the field of cancer. Other activities integrated in our Section include the synthesis of high-quality chemical probes – potent, selective and cell-permeable compounds that are essential for target validation activities and the early stages of the drug discovery process. Additionally, we help CNIO’s basic research groups to decipher the mechanism of action that mediates an observed phenotype in cancer cells after screening for small organic molecules. Identifying the molecular target is essential to increase our knowledge about cancer and is a great aid to start drug discovery activities. To do this, we synthesise affinity chemical probes that enable cellular localisation of the target through imaging techniques and target identification through pull-down experiments coupled with proteomics.