Sección de Química Médica

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Investigadores Científicos

  • Ana B. García
  • Cristina Ana Gómez
  • Esther González
  • Sonsoles Rodríguez
  • Terry Pascal Tomakinian
  • Carmen Varela

The Medicinal Chemistry (MedChem) Section is part of the multidisciplinary Experimental Therapeutics Programme (ETP) focused on early drug discovery activities. ETP is integrated into the CNIO’s structure, and acts as a bridge between basic research groups in cancer biology and the pharmaceutical industry, with the aim of transferring the results obtained in basic research laboratories to products, potential drugs that help to understand the biology of cancer, or the development of new therapies. The Section deals with the design, synthesis, and optimisation of compounds, classical inhibitors, and degraders such as PROTACs, which are then characterised by ETP´s Biology Section, in order to evaluate their potency in biological targets in vitro and in vivo and ultimately to demonstrate their efficacy and mechanisms of action in animal models (in vivo proof-of-concept). The Section is also involved in the synthesis of high-quality chemical tools that help to decipher the mechanism of action of an observed phenotype in cellular assays, as well as in the synthesis of reference compounds that assist basic researchers in their investigations.