Genomics Core Unit

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  • Purificación Arribas
  • Guadalupe Luengo
  • Jorge Monsech
  • Ángeles Rubio

The Genomics Unit provides core technological services in the fields of genomics and genetics. Seeking to uncover biological mechanisms, therapeutic targets or prognostic biomarkers, our services cover a broad range of applications. These technologies, with the capacity to interrogate whole genomes and their activities in a single assay, can reveal the entire package of structural features (mutation landscapes, chromosomal protein location, or chromatin structure) and molecular programmes (transcriptomic RNA profiles), even at the single-cell level. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a staple among them. More traditional methodologies like Sanger capillary DNA sequencing are also available. As a side activity, we oversee a genetically engineered mouse genotyping service.