Genomics Core Unit

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  • Purificación Arribas
  • José Luis Espadas
  • Guadalupe Luengo
  • Jorge Monsech
  • Ángeles Rubio

The Genomics Unit provides on-demand scientific services to the CNIO research community. Cutting-edge technologies have the capacity to interrogate whole genomes in a single assay, such as next-generation sequencing (NGS). These methodologies reveal the genetic diversity of cancer and contribute to dissect its molecular processes. Structural features, such as mutation landscapes, DNA-binding of protein factors, variations in chromatin structure, as well as functional activation states reflected on changes of transcriptomic profiles (mRNA, miRNA), are being elucidated with these technologies in order to uncover basic mechanisms, therapeutic targets and prognostic biomarkers. We offer a broad range of applications, including powerful solutions such as exome mutational landscapes, protein location analysis by ChIP-seq analysis and transcriptome profiles by RNA-seq technologies, besides from the more traditional microarray platform, suitable for whole genome gene expression, array comparative genomic hybridisation (aCGH), and capillary DNA sequencing. Among other side activities, we also provide a very active transgenic mouse genotyping service.