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  • Guadalupe Luengo
  • Jorge Monsech
  • Ángeles Rubio

The Genomics Unit provides centralised research services as well as expert consultation in the fields of genomics and genetics. Contributing to uncover biological mechanisms, therapeutic targets, or prognostic biomarkers, these services encompass a broad range of applications, from traditional to cutting-edge technologies. These technologies, with their capacity to interrogate whole genomes and their activities, can reveal the entire package of structural features (mutation landscapes, chromosomal protein location, or chromatin structure) and molecular programmes (transcriptomic RNA profiles), even at the single-cell level. So-called next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a staple among them. More traditional methodologies, like Sanger capillary DNA sequencing, are also provided. As a side activity, we manage a genetically engineered mouse genotyping service.