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Técnicos de Laboratorio

  • Purificación Arribas
  • José Luis Espadas
  • Guadalupe Luengo
  • Jorge Monsech
  • Ángeles Rubio

The Genomics Unit provides on-demand services in the genetics/genomics fields to CNIO researchers and the wider research community. Technologies are put in place with the capacity to interrogate genomes and their activities in a single assay. These methodologies contribute to dissecting molecular hierarchies and pathways. Processes such as functional activation states, as delineated by transcriptomic profiles (mRNA, miRNA) or protein factor interplays at the gene level, and structural features, such as mutation landscapes or variations in chromatin structure, can all be examined to study the quick-paced lives of cancer tumours. We cover a broad range of applications, including solutions such as exome mutational landscapes, protein location analysis by ChIP-seq analysis and transcriptome profiles by RNA-seq technologies, complemented with more traditional characterisations by capillary Sanger DNA sequencing. Among other side activities, we also manage a rather active transgenic mouse genotyping service.