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CNIO Friends

The “CNIO Friends” initiative, launched at the end of 2014, was designed to promote philanthropy as a source of funds for the Centre, as well as to bring the CNIO closer to society.

Thanks to these funds, we have created a Post-Doctoral Contract Programme that offers doctors, of all nationalities, the opportunity to carry out a postdoctoral stay at the CNIO.

Past calls: 2018 Abrir Cerrar

Successful candidates:

  • Name: Rubén Julio Martínez Torres
    PhD obtained from: University College London, UK
    CNIO Group (Programme): Kinases, Protein Phosphorylation and Cancer Group
  • Name: María Moreno Morcillo
    PhD obtained from: University of Bordeaux, France
    CNIO Group (Programme): Genome Integrity and Structural Biology Group
  • Name: Neibla Priego
    PhD obtained from: Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
    CNIO Group (Programme): Brain Metastasis Group
  • Name: Sarita Saraswati
    PhD obtained from: University of Delhi, India
    CNIO Group (Programme): Telomeres and Telomerase Group

Past calls: 2017 Abrir Cerrar

Successful candidates:

  • Name: Carolina Maestre
    PhD obtained from: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
    CNIO Group (Programme): Cell Division and Cancer Group (OM)
  • Name: Sebastian Thompson
    PhD obtained from: City University of New York (CUNY)
    CNIO Group (Programme): Growth Factors, Nutrients and Cancer Group (CCB))

Past calls: 2016 Abrir Cerrar

Successful candidates:

  • Name : Paulina Gómez
    PhD obtained from : University of Arizona, USA
    CNIO Group (Programme): Genetic & Molecular Epidemiology (HCG)
  • Name: Vera Pancaldi
    PhD obtained from : Imperial College London, UK
    CNIO Group (Programme): Structural Computational Biology (SBB)

For further information on the programme, please contact our Education and Training Programmes Office at postdoc@cnio.es