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Discoveries and advances made at the CNIO have paved the way for the creation of three offshoot businesses:


Based on results achieved under the direction of Marisol Soengas, BiOncotech was established in 2010 for the purpose of developing effective therapies against validated cancer targets. Its lead drug triggers cell death in solid tumours while simultaneously activating the immune system to attack the tumour. Clinical trials of that drug got underway in 2017.



Life Length

Founded in 2010 on the findings of a group led by Maria A. Blasco, Life Length specializes in measuring the length of telomeres, the structures that protect the ends of chromosomes. Telomere deterioration has been associated with the ageing process and many other diseases.



Senolytic Therapeutics

Created in 2017 on the basis of research by Manuel Serrano, Senolytic Therapeutics targets senescent cells for elimination in the treatment of a broad array of age-related diseases.

Senoly Tx