H12O-CNIO Lung Cancer Clinical Research Unit

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Luis Gonzaga Paz-Ares
Luis Gonzaga Paz-Ares Head of Clinical Research Unit
T +34 (+34) 917 328 000 (Ext )

Research Scientists

  • María Teresa Agullo
  • Juan Manuel Coya
  • Irene Ferrer
  • Itziar Otano
  • Beatriz Soldevilla
  • Álvaro Conrado Ucero

Clinical Investigator

  • Rocio García
  • José Luis Solórzano
  • Jon Zugazagoitia

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • María Cristina Cirauqui
  • Jose Garrido
  • Arantza Lamas
  • Marcos Rubio
  • Miguel Ruiz
  • Estela Sánchez

Graduate Students

  • Carlos Carretero
  • María Inés Díaz
  • María del Carmen Fernández-Luna
  • Santiago García
  • David Gómez
  • María Gutiérrez
  • Iván Hernández
  • Rita Manzano
  • Wajahat Nadeem
  • Ángel Núñez
  • Beatriz Rubio
  • Joan Salvador Russo
  • Alba Santos Ramos


  • Vera Adradas
  • Eva Álvarez
  • Nuria Carrizo
  • Patricia Cozar
  • Laura García
  • Beatriz Gil
  • José María Gracia
  • Marta Jiménez
  • Patricia Llamas
  • Patricia Plaza
  • Belén Revuelta
  • Jacinto Sarmentero
  • Rocío Suárez
  • César Vélez

Lung cancer continues to be the most frequent cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Our Unit focuses on the study of lung cancer, with a pragmatic orientation, always aiming to solve the problems of lung cancer patients. We are particularly interested in 2 research areas: the identification of new molecular biomarkers for diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive purposes; and the development of novel treatment strategies, including targeted therapies and immunotherapeutics. For example, we have contributed to elucidating the molecular determinants of EGFR or FGFR oncogenicity and have discovered biomarkers that may guide the efficacy of inhibitors of those receptors in lung cancer. We have continued developing an extensive platform of patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) and organoids (PDOs) of non-small-cell and small cell lung cancers to test new therapeutic strategies. Finally, our Unit has extensive experience in taking new drugs to the clinic, as well as in conducting practice-changing phase 2/3 trials in the fields of personalised cancer care and immuno-oncology.