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  • Diana Romero

The Molecular Diagnostics Unit (MDU) is primarily engaged in providing support to oncologists, haematologists and pathologists of our National Health System, by offering quality molecular tests for cancer patients. In this regard, the Unit has developed a catalogue with a broad variety of sensitive and specific assays to determine changes in sequences or expression levels of crucial genes that are involved in cancer, and that help to monitor minimal residual disease in patients showing clinical remission as well as to follow-up on their response to therapy. Consequently, MDU is also committed to implementing novel diagnostic solutions, not only to improve clinical practice but also to resolve periodic inquiries from CNIO´s Research Units and Groups. MDU also forms part of several international and national groups aimed at normalising and improving molecular tests in cancer. Finally, an essential part of our mission is to contribute to academic programmes by hosting clinical post-residents and pre/post graduate students.


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