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  • Diana Romero

The activity of the Molecular Diagnostics Unit (MDU) is primarily aimed at providing an array of reliable and time/cost-efficient molecular diagnostic assays to help our National Health System’s clinicians make early diagnosis, detect possible relapses, and/or monitor the response to therapy in patients with different cancers. Therefore, we devote effort to strengthening, updating and expanding the assays that are currently offered by implementing the latest tests available, or by upgrading the most established ones. Likewise, the Unit also provides support to the research needs of CNIO´s Clinical Research Units and Research Groups by checking their samples for alterations in the biomarkers included in our catalogue. Furthermore, MDU collaborates with several international and national organisations focused on the standardisation and improvement of molecular diagnostics in cancer. Finally, the MDU is also involved in disseminating knowledge in the field of molecular diagnostics by instructing biomedical students in our techniques and methods.


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