Molecular Diagnostics Unit

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  • Diana Romero

The main objectives of the Molecular Diagnostics Unit (MDU) are directed towards offering quality molecular tests for patients with cancer in order to support the current clinical services and diagnostic laboratories in hospitals of the Spanish National Health System ( NHS ). In this regard, the Unit provides a wide range of highly sensitive molecular assays to determine changes in the sequence or expression levels of key genes involved in cancer, and to enable the detection of Minimal Residual Disease in patients showing clinical remission as well as to follow-up on their response to therapy. Likewise, MDU is also devoted to implementing recent up-to-date cancer diagnostics solutions, not only to support the NHS but also to assist the Clinical Research Units and Research Groups at the CNIO. In addition, MDU collaborates with international and national groups dedicated to standardising and improving molecular diagnostics tests in cancer, and participates in teaching as well as in educational programmes for clinical post-residents, undergraduate and graduate students.