Grupo de Inestabilidad Genómica

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  • Vanesa Lafarga
  • Matilde Murga

Becarios Post-doctorales

    Becarios Pre-Doctorales

    • Elena Fueyo
    • Gema López
    • Laura Sánchez
    • Oleksandra Sirozh
    • Pablo Valledor

    Técnicos de Laboratorio

    • Marta Elena Antón
    • Alicia González
    • Sara Rodrigo

    In the Genomic Instability Group, our aim is to obtain a mechanistic understanding of cancer and other age-related diseases, and then use this information to develop new therapies. To this end, we combine molecular and cellular biology approaches with chemical and genetic screens. In addition, we also develop mouse models of disease, which we can later use as platforms for testing new treatments.

    Using these tools, in recent years, we have made exciting discoveries in several areas such as mechanisms of resistance to cancer therapies, targeting nucleolar stress in cancer, drug development and neurodegeneration. Ultimately, our objective is to find new or better treatments for human disease.