Genomic Instability Group

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Staff Scientists

  • Vanesa Lafarga
  • Matilde Murga

Post-Doctoral Fellows

    Graduate Students

    • Elena Fueyo
    • Gema López
    • Jorge Mota
    • Belén Navarro
    • Anabel Sáez
    • Laura Sánchez
    • Oleksandra Sirozh
    • Pablo Valledor


    • Marta Elena Antón
    • Alicia González
    • Sara Rodrigo

    In the Genomic Instability Group, our main goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer and other age-related diseases, and then use this knowledge for the development of new therapies. To this end, we combine molecular and cellular biology approaches with chemical and genetic screens that allow us to identify cancer cell vulnerabilities and new druggable targets. In parallel, we develop mouse models of disease, which we can later use as platforms for testing new treatments. With all these tools, in recent years, we have made exciting discoveries in several areas, from basic to translational research. We have contributed to the understanding of fundamental aspects of DNA replication, unveiled new mechanisms of resistance to cancer therapies, and developed anticancer drugs that are now in clinical development. Ultimately, our objective is to translate our findings into better treatments for human disease. During 2020 we made significant advances in several areas related to cancer ontogeny and therapy. For instance, we revealed a tumour suppressor role for the RNA-binding protein EWSR1 and made significant advances in the development of chemical inhibitors of the histone methyltransferase SETD8.