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Becarios Post-doctorales

  • Albert Harguindey
  • Eunjeong Kim

Becarios Pre-Doctorales

  • Sergio De la Rosa
  • Rosa Gallo
  • Amanda Garrido
  • Irene Herranz
  • María del Mar Rigual
  • Paula Sánchez
  • Karla Santos

Research in the last decade has focused mainly on understanding the functions and roles of newly discovered mutated genes in the development of cancer and associated diseases. With this focus, less attention has been paid to environmental factors leading to the expression of virulent eukaryotic proteins or tissue damage that also present a permanent challenge for an organism. How environmental factors can alter the host’s eukaryotic epithelial cells to cause various pathologies, potentially progressing to cancer, remains largely unknown. The identification of likely causal links between environmental stresses and diseases progressing to cancer will help to elucidate mechanisms of diseases and to identify, and functionally validate, targets with preventive and therapeutic values to treat frequent lethal human disorders with increased worldwide incidence and unmet medical needs.