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Jorge L. Martinez-Torrecuadrada
Jorge L. Martinez-Torrecuadrada Jefe de Unidad
T +34 917328000 (Ext 3122)

Técnicos de Laboratorio

  • María Rivas

The biological functions of thousands of proteins, especially those involved in cancer development, remain unexplored, and understanding their structures, tissue and cellular distributions and functions is critical for biomedical progress. However, researchers often face the challenge of insufficient supply, since proteins of interest identified in a particular process can be very difficult to produce in high quality and in adequate amounts for analysis, causing a bottleneck in how quickly they can be characterised. The Protein Production Unit is a core service lab that aims to address this bottleneck by offering expertise and state-of-the-art technologies to develop effective processes for producing recombinant proteins. These can be used in diverse downstream applications such as the generation of highly-specific antibodies, biophysical, biochemical or functional analyses, or structural studies, with the final goal of accelerating cutting-edge cancer research for CNIO and external research groups.