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María del Camino Menéndez

Camino Menéndez was born in 1979 in Córdoba, Spain. She studied Biology and Biochemistry at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (1997-2002). She performed her degree project in the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Department under supervision of Dr. José González Castaño studying the role of PA28, a proteasome regulatory complex, in the degradation of α-synuclein and its implication in neurodegenerative diseases.

After that she carried out her Ph.D. at Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas in Madrid, supervised by Dr. Ignacio Palmero. Her research focused on the role of Ing1 as a tumor suppressor. Using a mice model deficient for the Ing1 locus she studied the role of this locus in protective antitumor responses at a cellular and organism level, and its functional connection with the p53 tumor suppressor.

In October 2011 she joined the Gastrointestinal Cancer Clinical Research Unit in the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas.